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Grief Is

Grief Is

Grief is a roundabout that you feel you cannot get off, It is a sledgehammer to your gut, A pain in your chest. It is a hand missing from yours, It is an empty abyss you feel will swallow you whole. Grief is. Grief is a rollercoaster with steep highs and lows, And a rapid cycling between them both, Leaving your heart bouncing between your gut and your throat. Grief is a waterfall of tears, There one day, and a drought the next, Washing constantly over your soul. It is unique to everyone, So that maybe your days are full of tears and sadness, But another may bury their grief in work. It is a rapid changing emotion, And it can pull you down, out, away, It can disconnect you from reality. Grief is one of the hardest experiences to face, A pain unfathomable, A loss unexplainable. It is turning to talk to someone, Who no longer stands by your side, It is looking for them in places where they once dwelt. It is hearing exciting news that you can’t wait to share, Only to remember that they’re not there to tell, They cannot share in those celebrations. Grief is moving from deepest sorrow and into happiness again, Only to be slammed with guilt and shame, Because grief says you should stay in your sadness . Grief is remembering that you should feel sad, The confusion because you don’t always, And striking up a balance between mourning and moving on. It is the moving away from thinking about them every day, To every few days; from every moment, to special moments; The moving on because your loved one would want you to. Here at Oh My Grief, we understand, we understand.

By Danielle Myers

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